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Fixed Income

Galliard employs one investment approach and philosophy, implemented by one team across the portfolio.

Fixed income philosophy

We believe the role of fixed income is to generate income while providing safety of principal. Galliard’s fixed income portfolios are managed with a conservative approach, while maintaining high quality and broad diversification through a disciplined value investing process with an emphasis on risk control. For more than 28 years, this approach has resulted in consistent long-term outperformance of our benchmarks.

Fixed Income Strategies

  • Ultra Short
  • Short
  • Intermediate
  • Core
  • Long

Why Choose Galliard for fixed income solutions?

  • PERFORMANCE—demonstrated history of consistent, long-term benchmark outperformance
  • EXPERTISE—tenured team with expertise managing portfolios across the investment grade universe
  • RISK-ADJUSTED APPROACH—investment philosophy grounded in safety, income generation, and risk control