Galliard Managed Income Fund

1: Returns for periods less than one year are not annualized.  2: Returns designated as “before investment management fees” include all income, realized and unrealized capital gains and losses and all annual fund operating expenses. These returns also include all non-affiliated subadvisor fees, audit and valuation fees. Returns designated as “after maximum fees” are the “before investment management fees” amounts less the maximum 0.25% fee which may be charged by Galliard for management of each client’s account. Returns may have been impacted by the effect of compounding and have been rounded to the nearest basis point. Fees which may be charged to each client for investment management are described in Galliard Capital Management’s Form ADV Part 2.  3: Prior to 2007, the benchmark was 50% 90 Day T-Bill plus 50% ICE BofA 1-3 Year Treasury Index, the historical returns above are that of the current blended benchmark. While it is believed that the benchmark used here represents an appropriate point of comparison for the Fund referenced above, prospective investors should be aware that the volatility of the above referenced benchmark or index may be substantially different from that of the Fund; and holdings in the Fund may differ significantly from the benchmark or index if the investment guidelines and criteria are different than the Fund.  4: May not add due to rounding.

For more information, please refer to the GIPS composite report found in the resources section. Past performance is not an indication of how an investment will perform in the future. 

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