Galliard Capital Management, Inc. — On-Line Privacy Policy
February 2017

Galliard takes your privacy seriously and has implemented policies and procedures designed to safeguard the information that Galliard collects and retains.

Galliard’s Clients

Galliard provides investment advisory services to institutional clients. Galliard does not provide services to individual consumers.

Data Collection and Use

Galliard’s website,, includes two forms in which your business contact information is requested.

  • Contact Us: This form requests the first and last name, business email address and business phone number of the requestor as well as a brief description of the purpose of the contact request. Submitted requests go to The information that is requested is used solely for the purpose of honoring the request to be contacted and is not shared within Galliard except as needed to direct the request to the appropriate Galliard representative. The information collected is not added to any distribution lists nor is it shared with affiliates or other third parties.
  • Register: Galliard’s website includes premium content which is made available to institutional investors as authorized by Galliard. The ‘Register’ form requests the same business contact information as the ‘Contact Us’ form, as well as the job title of the individual completing the form and the name of the company they represent. This information is used to verify that the requestor represents an institutional contact, plan sponsor or other relationship as appropriate. The business contact information that is gathered is used solely for the purpose of conducting the verification and to provide requested access to the content as applicable. The information is not shared within Galliard, is not added to any distribution lists nor is it shared with affiliates or other third parties without prior authorization.

Galliard’s website does not request, nor does it require, personally identifying information such as home address, birthdate, social security number, personal telephone number or personal email address. In the event Galliard receives such information from a form on, the requestor is notified via the email address provided that Galliard’s services are available only to authorized institutional investors. The personal information is not stored or retained by Galliard nor is it shared with any affiliates or third parties.

Website Monitoring

Galliard monitors activity on to review trends such as which pages and/or documents on the website are visited most or less frequently. Galliard does not monitor individual activity nor does it utilize cookies.